HSX is a leading provider of Prediction Market solutions. As the company that built and runs the world's longest continuously operating commercial Prediction Market, HSX offers unmatched expertise, technology and hands-on experience to make your Prediction Market a reality.

Prediction Markets are research tools designed and based on key principles of economic and market theory. In a Prediction Market, individuals come to a virtual stock trading environment to buy and sell shares representing propositions. This trading activity effectively expresses the collective opinion of these individuals as to the likely outcome of the propositions. For example, forecasting how a product or service will perform in the real world, or evaluating which innovations and ideas will be most successful, are common applications.

A Prediction Market can be employed in virtually any research or commercial application, and the end-user group can range from the general public to subject-matter experts. Are you seeking a market for internal corporate users? Do you intend to open the market to the public? Our patented Virtual Specialist® technology is flexible enough to help you create, license and launch the Prediction Market that fits your needs.

Virtual Specialist
HSX launched the Virtual Specialist, a white-label Prediction Market solution that enables companies to leverage the power of HSX' patented market-maker technology. HSX' Virtual Specialist is a unique platform that can integrate your company's content into a cost-effective interactive experience. A Virtual Specialist Exchange is the foremost methodology for data gathering, and can be applied to virtually any research need.

HSX has put its Virtual Specialist to work for a number of companies. HSX has recently built prediction markets for the pharmaceutical and technology industries. With experience in entertainment, music, political elections, the life sciences and data storage, HSX continues to build its client list.

HSX operates worldwide and we offer our technology services to clients in most markets and industries. Our business relationships are structured on an ASP model - which means we manage the service for your website. We license our technology and provide a complete turn-key service that includes design, development, market administration and site hosting.

HSX provides skilled management, a full web development team and technology backed by eSpeed - the technology provider to Cantor Fitzgerald. All of this places HSX at the forefront of the Prediction Market industry. We offer this experience to our customers along with our commitment to answer your needs in the most effective and cost-effective manner possible.

Can These Markets Predict the Future?
The academic community certainly thinks so. There is a growing body of work that illustrates the power of the many to understand the world around them and predict its likely direction. Now industry has begun to utilize this powerful tool. Will you?

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Client Example
Popular Science
Leading the convergence of original online content with print media, Popular Science magazine launched the PopSci Predictions Exchange also referred to as PPX. On PPX traders buy and sell virtual shares of propositions about science and technology. Content from PPX is then featured in the print magazine.

Storage Markets
Storage Markets is a prediction market used by the data storage technologies industry. A community of storage industry professionals, end users, vendors, analysts, and the press trade virtual securities, resulting in valuable market insight.

Chiron, a Novartis business
Chiron chose HSX to build Chiron Collective Intelligence - an innovative prediction market developed for internal corporate research purposes.

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