A Virtual Specialist® Exchange is a robust application that offers our clients a fully customized and managed entertainment or research prediction market solution. Our clients will have the ability to introduce new securities, manage the exchange trader base, and set the rules upon which the prediction market will run. In addition, a prediction market using Virtual Specialist technology provides our clients a proven method for collecting valuable research, while also providing traders an overall better trading experience through our easy-to-use interface.

Leveraging over ten years experience developing and operating exchanges, HSX has created proprietary software and a web interface for managing a Virtual Specialist Exchange, an automated prediction market engine that effectuates online economies to reflect trader knowledge and opinions.

A Virtual Specialist Exchange will allow traders to truly interact in a way previously not possible. Rather than voting once for a product or individual, or by answering a survey question just once, they can make their opinion known many times through the trading of stocks. Traders become analysts, answering questions from a community, rather than individual, perspective. They make their opinions known by their trading decisions, both in the quantity of the transaction and the fact that they can change their mind. A trader can buy or sell a varying quantity of a stock as often as they choose, thereby exercising their opinion over and over again. They can discuss their trades with friends and colleagues, and even profit through the redemption of their virtual currency for prizes.

HSX has put its Virtual Specialist to work for a number of companies, both as research and entertainment. In December 2002, HSX partnered with Fuse Networks, a Division of Rainbow Media, to form the Interactive Music Exchange (IMX). IMX used HSX's Virtual Specialist to form thean interactive segment of Fuse's IMX show, a leading edge live TV broadcast aired five nights a week.

When the BET network aired its reality show The Ultimate Hustler, HSX built the tie-in game to go with the show. HSX has recently also built prediction markets for the pharmaceutical industry and the storage technology industry. With experience in entertainment, life sciences and data storage and collection, HSX continues to build its client list and bring prediction markets into more industries.

HSX provides skilled management, a full web development team and technology backed by eSpeed, the technology provider to Cantor Fitzgerald. All of this places HSX at the forefront of the interactive entertainment market industry. We offer this experience to our customers through our commitment to insure your needs are answered in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible.

Client Example
Storage Markets
Storage Markets is a prediction market used by the data storage technologies industry. A community of storage industry professionals, end users, vendors, analysts, and the press trade virtual securities, resulting in valuable market insight

Fuse Networks
Fuse Networks (formerly muchmusic usa) is the nation's only all-music, viewer-influenced network. Together with HSX they created the Interactive Music Exchange, a dynamic live television show with in-studio guests, music video airplay and online game participation.

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