Long Lead Reports   Long Lead Box Office Forecasts
Box office forecasts a full six months prior to release using a proven methodology. Reports can be parsed by week, MPAA rating and individual title, with reporting periods customized to a client's needs.


Short Lead Reports   Short Lead Box Office Forecasts
Accurate forecasts of box office revenue six weeks prior to release. These reports provide weekly forecasts of revenue by title and MPAA rating for the expected top 20 films. Our proprietary decay model provides a full view of a film's revenue potential throughout its domestic release.
Box Office Insight   Box Office Insight
Weekly projections of weekend box office receipts for the top 10 films in release, delivered by email each Thursday.

Thomas Weisel Partners   Studio Analysis
Reports applied to the financial and investment area. Box office projections, share price statistics and cross-tabulations provide an excellent data source for financial analysis.
Custom Cross-tabulations
HSX compiles share price, release data and movie credit data for thousands of films and offers cross-tabulations of any set of variables. Choose your criteria and we will return a custom "cut" or view of our data.
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