Established in 1996, Hollywood Stock Exchange's Movie Market® offers unparalleled insight into the minds of the most influential entertainment consumers. Through our patented prediction market, we deliver real opinions of real people without the survey bias prevalent in traditional market research. is a unique virtual market where consumers enjoy quantifying films and personalities. For our Traders, its an addicting form of entertainment. For our research clients, its an open window into the opinions and desires of these valuable entertainment consumers. HSX Traders, as a group, are accurate predictors in forecasting the box office revenue of films, both for opening weekend and beyond.

Product Offerings
Box Office Forecasts
Accurate forecasts of box office revenue up to one year prior to release. These reports provide weekly forecasts of revenue by title and MPAA rating for the expected top films. Our proprietary decay model provides a full view of a film's revenue potential throughout its domestic release.

Studio Analysis
Reports applied to the financial and investment area. Box office projections, share price statistics and cross-tabulations provide an excellent data source for financial analysis.

Release Schedule Analysis
An evaluation of the future release schedule and forecast of likely additions and changes.

Data Analysis and Interpretation
In-depth analysis of data culled from the movie market including macro level interpretation of industry trends and micro scale views such as the performance of an individual film. Insight is gained by integrating prediction market data, proprietary algorithms and third party data.

Actionable Intelligence
Hollywood Stock Exchange, through its innovative Movie Market, is the pioneer in developing a research product based on a prediction market methodology. The reception to data from the Movie Market by industry professionals, financial services firms and other companies has been excellent. Our charter licensed research client is now in their seventh year of continual monthly reporting. They agree - the HSX Movie Market is able to provide very reliable aggregate numbers in a highly precise manner far in advance of any other research firm.

Most companies offer box office estimates less than five days prior to release, usually waiting until after the weekend screen counts have been announced on Thursdays. And we know of no other that predicts prior to finalization of MPAA ratings as we do.

Information services from the Movie Market have proven accuracy in reporting at a variety of time horizons. For example, in another client's case, decisions on how to allocate advertising based on expected box office is a key use of HSX Movie Market data. For them, calling the box office right a week or two before a movie opens isn't good enough; rather, they need intelligence that can make a profitable difference - in advance.

The HSX Movie Market delivers actionable research in time to help industry professionals make critical decisions. We will deliver this same high level of world class service to you.

Client Example
Screenvision leads the cinema advertising industry by providing the best reach with the most impact and uses HSX Movie Market data as an integral part of their media planning process.
Warner Bros. Entertainment
Warner Bros. stands at the forefront of the home video/DVD entertainment market, and has been using HSX Movie Market Data Services for many years.
Thomas Weisel Partners
Thomas Weisel Partners features HSX Movie Market Data in its studio-specific financial reports.
the marketing store
A global Brand Activation agency, The Marketing Store applies HSX Movie Market data for audience analysis and long-lead forecasting.
Lionsgate Entertainment
The premier independent producer and distributor of motion pictures has used HSX Movie Market Data Services for tracking.
Metro Goldwyn Mayer
The legendary motion picture production and distribution company is the pioneer in the use of HSX Movie Market Data Services.
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