Hollywood Stock Exchange® is a leading virtual market powered by its patented Virtual Specialist®; technology. At HSX.com, visitors buy and sell virtual shares of celebrities and movies with a currency called the Hollywood Dollar®. The Company's Virtual Specialist technology allows an unlimited number of consumers to trade thousands of virtual entertainment securities in a fair and orderly, supply-and-demand-based market that operates 24 hours a day. With a well-recognized brand and a compelling application, HSX is a force in interactive entertainment. This dynamic experience is one of the "stickiest" applications on the web.

Powered by the Virtual Specialist, HSX brings all of the fun and excitement of interactive games like "fantasy football" to players but in a much more compelling environment. All the elements of the Hollywood Stock Exchange - leagues, leader boards, contests, prizes, seasonal/weekly challenges - set the framework for a unique and powerful entertainment experience.

Unrivaled Experience
HSX has put its Virtual Specialist to work for a number of companies. In December 2002, HSX partnered with Fuse Networks, a division of Rainbow-media, to form the Interactive Music Exchange (IMX). IMX used HSX's Virtual Specialist technology applied to music and videos as the basis of Fuse's IMX TV show, which broadcasted live five nights a week. This innovative application was awarded an AFI Enhanced TV Award for leading edge interactive content.

When the BET network aired its reality show The Ultimate Hustler, HSX built the tie-in game to go with the show. HSX has also built prediction markets for the pharmaceutical, user-generated video and storage technology industries.

Client Example
IPO Entertainment, LLC selected HSX to build and launch VideoIPO.tv, the stock market of the YouTube® generation. A fun, dynamic game with an easy-to-use interface brings the world of uploaded videos to a new level of interactivity.

BET Entertainment
BET, Inc. wanted to support its Ultimate Hustler reality show with an online interactive game that would allow the public to play along with the show's Hustlers. Producer Damon Dash offered a unique opportunity - a one week internship - along with prizes to the winner of the online game.

Fuse Networks
Fuse Networks (Rainbow-media) is the nation's only all-music, viewer-influenced network. Together with HSX they created the Interactive Music Exchange, a dynamic live television show with in-studio guests, music video airplay and online game participation.

American Film Institute
The Interactive Music Exchange was awarded by the AFI as a leading-edge concept in interactive television.
Forbes Favorites
The Hollywood Stock Exchange is one of Forbes' Favorite websites.
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